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How does a sacco work?

Empowered Woman Excel Sacco is a deposit taking and a great tool to channel your savings. The E.W.E.SACCO aggregates the savings and lends them out as loans to members.

Save and Secure your future

Benefits of saving:
Access to affordable capital
Quick turnaround time
Interest on savings

Empowered Woman Excel SACCO

Who we are

Empowered Woman Excel SACCO is an association that facilitates for persons, especially women, to voluntarily unite to meet their common socio-economic needs through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

Voluntary Membership
Democratic Member Control
Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training, Information
Concern for Community
Cooperation among Cooperatives

As women and mothers, we pull our resources together and invest in the future of our children.

We believe that when you empower a woman, you empower a nation.

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Pooling resources together

Putting together our resources for the common good for all. The grouping together of fillids with the motive to build sustainable livelihoods through combined effort.

Open and voluntary membership

Our doors are open for membership to all who wish as long as they are within the accepted common bond. Members are free to withdraw their membership if they so wish provided they do not have outstanding obligations with the SACCOS.

Democratic control

Members enjoy rights to vote and participate in decision making. A member is valued for who he/she is and not what he/she owns in terms of shares.

Limited interest on capital

The Society pursues the goal of rendering services to the members. Maximizing profits is not among its prime objectives. Interest paid on savings and shares is limited and in proportion to the interest charged on loans.

Non- discrimination

The SACCOS does not discriminate against members on account of their political, religious, race and gender diversities.

Co-operative education

Believes that the key to success is founded on a well-informed membership. The SACCOS pursues a policy ofensuring that members are fully educated on the SACCOS status as well as benefits.

EWESACCO provides financial assistance to our members in the form of:

Business Loans
Educational Loans
Health Insurance
Vehicle Loans

To become a member

You must pay a once off entrance fee
Open your Woman Excel SACCO savings account with an initial savings deposit
Buy minimum prescribed membership shares
Make Regular savings – whose amount is driven by your personal goals or by the SACCO’s collective investment goals

The amount in your savings account determines the amount you can qualify to borrow from the SACCO.

Join our 0% Loans

Empowered Woman Excel is a Savings and Credit Co-operative "Bank" that seeks to improve the lives of its members by mobilizing savings and providing access to affordable credit as a way to assist its members' socio-economic well-being.